Paleontological sample processing for all fossil types:

Palynology, Kerogen, Foraminifera, Nannofossils, Diatoms, Radiolaria, Conodonts, Thin-sections

For pricing contact: paz@paleolab.com or call 972-496-3642
Pricing depends on volume. Small projects may be charged a base fee.

Sample processing is a basic, but critical step. For reliable results, high standards must be maintained at the processing stage. In 2000, ARCO's first rate paleontology processing laboratory equipment was acquired and PaleoLab was established with facilities in Dallas and Houston. Our goal is to provide the highest quality custom sample processing. Biostratigraphy coordination and analytical services are available at: Biostratigraphy.com.

For biostratigraphic analysis, software or paleo data please see our site www.biostratigraphy.com

PaleoLab Services 
Shipping Address

Palynology processing Palynology
Sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, crush, HCl, HF, HCl, (optional kerogen slide), oxidation, base, sieve, vial residue, slide mounting, label. Custom processing available. View palynology sample processing form.
Kerogen processing Kerogen
Sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, crush, HCl, HF, HCl, (optional sieve), kerogen slide, vial residue, slide mounting, label. 
Foram processing Foraminifera (including ostracods and other micropaleontological fossils)
Sample processing includes: 
Wash raw sample, disaggregate, screen residue, bag, and label.
Nannofossil processing Nannofossils
Nannofossil sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, disaggregation, smear slide mounting, label.
Density separation technique available.
Diatom processing Diatoms
Diatoms sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, smear slide mounting, label
Wash raw sample, oxidation, disaggregation, settling separation, label
Radiolaria processing Radiolaria
Radiolaria sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, crush, HCl, HF, sieve, vial, label.
Three to five runs of HF on samples with positive results. Additional runs available.
Conodont processsing Conodonts
Conodonts sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, crush sample, acetic or formic acid disaggregation, sieve, vial, label.
Thin section polished section Thin-sections
Thin-section sample processing includes:
Wash raw sample, impregnate with blue epoxy, orient and cut, polish, label. Double side polishing available.

Please contact us to confirm project details and pricing before shipping samples. Small projects may be charged a base fee.

Shipping address:
Attn.: Dr. Pierre Zippi
7518 Twin Oaks Court
Garland, TX 75044

Telephone number for contact:


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